It’s not just about the music…

Every now and again, we like to remind you that at Acoustic Sunday ‘it’s not just about the music…’


SoundAdviceUK is a progressive community based music and media project which is behind organising Acoustic Sundays’, providing a community presence for parent production company – Individio Media, who work in education facilities and social/community sectors on innovative youth film projects – primarily with young people from deprived communities at risk of failing to meet their true potential.


For over 30 years Individio Media have been at the sharp end of utilising media encouraging pupil development, giving their projects what one teacher described as “The wow factor these kids need, to be wowed into a career!” 


Individio Media works with a number of local community initiatives and non-profit organisations whilst also providing training opportunities for young people, which include filming concerts with multiple cameras, post-production, editing and authoring performance DVDs.


In March Individio Media embark on a new and exciting project at a Pupil Referral Unit helping young unemployed people create their own advice website, tackle obesity whilst looking at health in the community, as well as a story-telling, drama and film projects.

Acoustic Sunday is in it’s fifth year now, showcasing some of the UK’s finest up and coming, emerging talent, providing a platform for bands and musicians to perform live in return for a digitally recorded and produced VT of their performance, via the YMC’s (Youth Media Creatives).

Dominic Kasteel (pictured), Founding Member of Acoustic Sunday and Co-Director of Individio Media says,

“A much needed community presence is provided by Acoustic Sundays who are on a mission to encourage expression and creativity through the arts, with events which are free and accessible to all. We appeal to you to help us make this experimental project work, to inspire change in people, open up opportunities for emerging artists and help aspirations grow. Acoustic Sundays needs your support, so we may continue to celebrate diversity in the heart of the local community “

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